Handmade Fun: Story Starters

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Create your own customized set of story starter discs with colourful images, and use them as building blocks to inspire tall tales.

How do budding storytellers find inspiration? Make your own set of colourful story starter discs to spark your imagination and take your tales in surprising directions. We will provide small wooden discs for families with young children to decorate with simple images. Once the paint dries, put them all in a pouch and start honing your storytelling skills! Pull a disc from the pouch and start telling your story based on the image. Keep choosing discs and incorporating them into your tale as you go. You never know where your story will take you, so you’ll invent a new narrative every time you play! Use your creation to spin your own yarn, or pass the pouch around to friends and family, allowing each person to add a sentence inspired by the image they chose at random.

Photo: Makistock

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