Handmade Fun: My House, Your House

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Create your own miniature house to take home with you and explore the different homes in our International Village.  

Create your very own miniature house that you can carry with you everywhere. You’ll find plenty of inspiration in the Forster dollhouse, the vintage masterpiece permanently on display in the Children’s Museum. You’ll be amazed by the tiny, incredibly detailed furniture and other household items, including artwork, a piano and so much more. What will you include in your home? While in the Studio, pick up a “house hunt sheet” and head off to the International Village to explore and discover what houses look like in other countries around the world.

Jumpstart your imagination and stretch your creative-thinking skills with these drop-in workshops for ages 5 and up.Themes change regularly and are designed to foster creativity.These programs may be pre-empted by a special event.  

Image: Stéphane Jorisch 


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