Handmade Fun: Heartstring Art

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Young children and grown-ups will do their hearts good as they team up to make a super-simple but super-special string decoration for Valentine’s Day.

Tug on a loved one’s heartstrings by making them a colourful, heart-shaped string ornament for Valentine’s Day. The technique is easy, even for young children, and the results are guaranteed to warm hearts. We will help you fashion a piece of floral wire into a heart, then show you how to wrap the form with embroidery string. Express your artistry by using as much or as little string as you like, in just one or a rainbow of colours — it’s all up to you! The truly one-of-a-kind, eye-catching decoration will be yours to take home and give to someone to show them how much you care. This sweet and simple little craft project is perfect for families with young children.

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Image: JeniFoto

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