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God(s): A User’s Guide

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Explore the vast diversity, and the similarities, in the practices of the world’s most widespread religions in the exhibition God(s): A User’s Guide.

The exhibition’s 11 themes bring into focus how the universality of spiritual questioning is expressed through specific and diverse religious practices. Whether believers or non-believers, visitors will find God(s): A User’s Guide a fascinating and mind-opening look at their fellow citizens’ religions, and a means of understanding how religions influence our multicultural society. Hundreds of revealing artifacts, religious objects and photographs—plus multimedia stations and recorded interviews—help you experience the richness of faith as it is expressed around the world.

The exhibition is at the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City until September 2011. It will open at the Canadian Museum of Civilization on December 2, 2011.

An exhibition from the Museum of Europe and Tempora SA (Brussels), adapted by the Musée de la civilisation (Québec City) and the Canadian Museum of Civilization (Gatineau).