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BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB ® proudly presents ELIADES OCHOA (English and Spanish)

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Direct from Cuba… Buena Vista Social Club® proudly presents Eliades Ochoa at the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s Theatre


Cuba’s Grammy Award-winning Buena Vista Social Club proudly presents an intimate and interactive evening with legendary guitarist and singer Eliades Ochoa. One of the key members and contributors of the Buena Vista Social Club, he will be performing live with his eight-piece band at the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s Theatre on Friday, November 2nd, 2012.

Eliades Ochoa was recruited into the Grammy Award winning Buena Vista Social Club and became instantly recognizable worldwide for the recordings and films of his performance of the traditional Cuban song “Chan Chan” with the late Compay Segundo.

Eliades Ochoa’s roots are in Guajira (Cuban country music); his trademark cowboy hat and penchant for wearing black have led critics to dub him “Cuba’s Johnny Cash”. His musical style is a unique blend of country, salsa and traditional rock that, today, inspires Cuban and Latin artists all over the world.

Eliades Ochoa and his official band have performed for over five million fans and released several recordings, keeping the sounds of traditional Cuban music alive for generations of new fans. Eliades Ochoa’s latest collaboration, AfroCubism, was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best World Music Album in 2012.

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