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Canada’s game takes many forms during this family-friendly day celebrating hockey, including a mini indoor rink, table hockey, vintage video games and hockey-themed crafts.

There are many ways to enjoy Canada’s game, from the refrigerated ice of an arena to shinny on a frozen pond, and from street hockey to video games. Now’s your chance to celebrate family-friendly forms of hockey in the spectacular setting of the Museum’s Grand Hall. Face off on the Bootrink, a 3.7 x 7.4 m (12 x 24 feet) plastic surface where teams of three or four can play a high-speed game — no skating skills required. Relive your childhood with an exciting match of table hockey, once a staple of Canadian rec rooms. Try vintage video games dating back to the 1980s, and see how technological innovations have dramatically heightened the realism and complexity of virtual hockey. In the craft corner, children can make their own mini rink, complete with wooden sticks and a button puck. And don’t forget to visit the exhibition Hockey.

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