Awesome Autumn

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Savour the best of the fall season with hot apple cider, music, a horse-drawn carriage ride, and a glass lantern craft activity.

Late September is a time to enjoy crisp air and fall colours, while preparing for the coming winter. Back in the 19th century, farm labourers would be bringing in the harvest, while the upper classes might go for a drive through the countryside in a luxurious horse-drawn carriage. Savour the season with some old-fashioned hot apple cider, fiddle music, and a fall fair atmosphere geared to visitors of all ages. Take a short horse-drawn carriage ride and learn about our local history. Learn how the vehicles on display in Horse Power – The Paul Bienvenu Carriage Collection would have lighted their way as the days grew shorter. Finish off by decorating a glass lantern with tissue paper, and take your glowing creation home with you.

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