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AFGHANISTAN: Hidden Treasures

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2009-2010: Special Exhibitions Gallery A

This acclaimed exhibition showcases treasures that miraculously survived war and chaos in Afghanistan. These stunning objects, from the National Museum in Kabul, were feared stolen or destroyed. But they had been daringly hidden by a group of brave Afghans… and were rediscovered 20 years later.

AFGHANISTAN: Hidden Treasures features more than 200 artifacts, including exquisite gold jewellery, finely-carved ivory, delicate glassware and superb sculptures. Dating from around 300 BCE to 100 CE, they reveal a rich and diverse ancient culture.

The objects drawn from four distinct archaeological sites establish Afghanistan’s wealth and its longstanding connections to many regions of the world. About half of the treasures presented at the Museum of Civilization are from Tillya Tepe, in northern Afghanistan, which is considered one of the world’s most significant archaeological discoveries.

This exhibition is organized in collaboration with the National Geographic Society.
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