Transportation Toys

Fire Truck - CD94-519 - S94-26021

Fire Truck; Made by Dinky Toy, United Kingdom; Height 4.0 cm, Length 9.5 cm, Width 3.0 cm.
CMC M-181 a

Toys are an essential part of Canada's social history. Commercially made toys reflect the spirit and material substance of the era of their manufacturing, and among the most common artifacts from the recent past.

Toy Racing Car - CD95-325 - S90-8589

Toy Racing Car; Late forties, Made by Mettoy Company, United Kingdom; Tinplate; Height 12.0 cm, Length 40.0 cm, Width 18.5 cm.
CMC 980.45.1

Transportation toys are usually modeled on the prevailing mode of the times. For example, when the horse powered most forms of travel, models of horses could be found in every nursery. In the twentieth century, the automobile replaced the horse not only on the road but also in the heart of little boys. The vehicles pictured here are a small Dinky toy fire truck, a fantasy sports car from the late forties, and a Husky toy truck.

Toy Truck - CD95-663 - S92-4876

Toy Truck; Made by Husky Toys, Canada, Ontario; Height 11.5 cm, Length 39.7 cm, Width 11.9 cm.
CMC 992.23.31