Portraits of Billy Bishop

CWM 19680068-001

Portrait of Honorary Air Marshal Bishop by Alphone Jongers, oil on canvas, CWM 19680068-001

"Billy" Bishop is Canada's most famous military figure. He went overseas as an officer with the Canadian Mounted Rifles, transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, and served as an observer in reconnaissance aircraft before training as a pilot. He gained fame in 1917 flying the Nieuport 17 with No. 60 Squadron; in 1918 he commanded No. 85 Squadron, RAF, flying SE.5A aircraft.

CWM 19760521-001

Bishop's medal set, CWM 19760521-001

William Avery Bishop was an international hero honoured with many decorations, notably the Victoria Cross, for his daring exploits and coolness in combat. The citation for his Distinguished Flying Cross credited him with 72 aerial victories.

Postage stamp

Postage stamp issued on August 12, 1994, CPM Scott 1525

During the Second World War Air Marshal Bishop was active in RCAF recruiting drives and inspired many young men who sought to emulate his deeds.