Calligraphic Picture

CMC S95-25853; PCD 97-369-079

By Aldin Rashid; Vancouver, British Columbia; 1992; 89 x 74 cm. CMC 95-45

The Arabic calligraphy (koufi style) featured in this artwork translates as: "O my God, help me to grow wiser!"

The artist explains the work as follows:

My aim was to harmonize form and essence as closely as I could. For this picture I chose to use gold to glorify the name of Allah (God). The letters "A" and "L" have been raised, as if a prayer directed skywards to attract His attention. The circular embellishment represents the glowing moon, a symbol of hope for humans to emerge from the darkness of ignorance. Surrender and modesty. The other letters are less pronounced; they speak of submission and humility.