Earrings (seven pairs)

CMC S94-35771;S94-35773;S94-35779; PCD 97-500-054,056,062

By Nihal Mazloum; Montreal, Quebec.
CMC 93-523.1-2; 93-524.1-2; 93-527.1-2

Seven pairs of sterling silver earrings, designed and crafted by Nihal Mazloum, a Montreal jeweller. The motifs of the first six pairs were inspired by jewellery worn by Bedouin women from the Arab countries of the Middle East (Egypt, Yemen, United Arab Emirate, Libya, and the Sudan).

1. Large granulated rings originally worn on one side of the nose, and called "fraida".

2. Small granulated rings , reminiscent of traditional noserings from the Byzantine period, which passed into the Muslim world as a result of the expansion of the Ottoman Empire; called "shaf" or "khizama".

3. Earrings of semicircular shape, granulated, with filigree work and crescent moon and star motifs; known as "halaq" or "khurs".

4. The same type of earring as above, but in the shape of a pear.

5. The same type of earring as above, but of rectangular shape.

6. Earrings in the form of a crescent moon, adorned with garnets. This motif was called "makharata", meaning "chopping knife", because it resembled the blade of such a knife.

7. Earrings showing the Islamic knot motif, which is often seen in Muslim architecture and is reminiscent of similar motifs from other cultures (notably, Celtic).