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Flask - D-2610 - CD97-501-051

Medal - D-3275 - CD97-501-097
Flask owned by Sir John A. Macdonald. H. Rodrigues, United Kingdom. Stories about the drinking habits of the first prime Minister, popularized in modern times by John Diefenbaker and others, have highlighted one of Macdonald's imperfections but overlook the personal costs of his political life and obscure his energy, intelligence and shrewd judgement of people and issues. (D-2610) Nobel Prize Medal. Replica of the medal awarded to Lester B. Pearson to mark his receipt of the Peace Prize in 1957. The prize recognized his efforts to resolve the Anglo-French-Israeli conflict with Egypt over the Suez Canal. This copy was made for display in the Canadian pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal. (D-3275)

Rail Pass - A-4341 - S94-38633

Writing Desk - 967.4.21.1-5 - CD97-501-091
Rail pass given to Crowfoot, head chief of the Blackfoot tribe. Crowfoot, renowned for his bravery and diplomacy, recognized the inevitability of white settlement in the West and was a major influence for peace in Alberta. Sir William Van Horne, of the Canadian Pacific Railway, presented Crowfoot with a rail pass in recognition of his friendly attitude. Gift of Mrs. Geoffrey S. McDougall, Montreal. (A-4341) Portable writing desk owned by David Thompson. Thompson (1770-1857), a fur trader, surveyor and mapmaker, made enormous contributions to our knowledge of the West. We do not know if this desk was carried on his explorations, but items that we do not immediately associate with frontier travel were often taken on field surveys. Gift of F.D. McLennan, Cornwall, Ontario. (967.4.21.1-5)

Chair - A-1619 a - CD94-431-048

Chair, pressed-back with motif of Sir Wilfrid Laurier.(A-1619 a)