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Cane - D-3062 - CD97-501-083

Pocket Watch - 984.27.1 - CD97-410-067
Cane inscribed "R.J. Manion from the Kaministiquia Lacrosse Club 1903 Fort William." Manion, a future leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, was a student at the time. He later practised medicine in Fort William and represented the city in the House of Commons. (D-3062) Pocket watch awarded to Captain Henry Parsell of the S.S. Tropic. James Vickery?, United Kingdom, 1873. The watch was given by the Canadian government in recognition of the rescue of the survivors of the James W. Elwell of Saint John, New Brunswick, barque that caught fire and sank off Cape Horn in 1872. (984.27.1)

Silver Trumpet - D-3241 - CD97-501-092

Silver Trumpet, presented by the Fraser Dramatic Company. Details concerning the donor and recipient of this handsome trophy are scarce. Hailing trumpets were used by captains of fire companies in the nineteenth century to issue directions to their men. Volunteer firemen were often drawn from the leading families in the community. Ornate hailing trumpets were thus appropriate symbols of local distinction and public service.