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Hat - K-100 - CD97-503-071

Plaque and Pipe - D-3363 - CD97-502-004
Hat, Expo '67. Midway Industries, Canada, 1967. Gift of Mrs. Laura E. Simon, Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Wall Plaque and Peace Pipe, Confederation centennial. Sillakraft, Canada, 1967. (D-3363)

Button - 981.10.115 - CD96-109-067

Linen print - D-5439 - CD97-502-047
Button, Terry Fox Run. H.A.S. Novelties, Canada, 1981. (981.10.115) Linen print, Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee. United Kingdom, 1897. (D-5439)

Miniature Grain Sack - X-223 - CD97-504-043

Mug - 993.56.1 - CD97-494-009
Miniature grain sack, first shipment of wheat via Hudson Bay. James Richardson and Sons, Canada/Hudson's Bay Company, United Kingdom, 1929. (X-223) Mug, papal visit to Canada. Viletta, Canada, 1984. (993.56.1)