Marius Barbeau A glimpse of Canadian Culture (1883-1969)
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© CMC/MCC, Marius Barbeau, 65769

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Young Lemelin boy holding a metal weather cock, Saint-François, Quebec, 1925.

© CMC/MCC, Marius Barbeau, 65856

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Edmond Guérard, with his son and grandson, Argentenay, Saint-François, Québec, 1925.

© CMC/MCC, 83548

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Mrs Onésime, 87 years old, Côté from Cap-aux-Oies, Charlevoix, Québec, 1937.

© CMC/MCC, Marius Barbeau, 100108

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A cart loaded with blueberry pickers on their way to Lac à Raymond, Les Bergeronnes, Québec, 1946.

© CMC/MCC, Marius Barbeau, 57140

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Dalila Barbeau, photographed with a 14-pound lobster, Port Daniel, Québec, 1922.

© CMC/MCC, B565-12.1

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Postcard entitled "The Habitant", [193-].

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