Marius Barbeau A glimpse of Canadian Culture (1883-1969)
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« Emilie love songs », Ottawa, 1912, CDA-2004-003-001

"Emilie love songs"; Song, in Ntlakyapamuk (Interior Salish), of Chief Tetlenitsa's vision.

© Canadian Museum of Civilization, Archives, Electronic fonds, Ottawa, 1912, CDA-2004-003-001.

VI-M-4 (230). Song of the vision of Chief Tetlenitsa; Translated into English by James Alexander Teit and adapted by Marius Barbeau.

"My Emilie! Oh! Where to art thou gone?
May be around here? But, Alas!
How may I, with this nefarious wind,
trace in the dust thy long-vanished footsteps?"

This guardian song was revealed to Chief John Telenitsa by his "manitous", during several dreams and visions; the first time was at the moment of his puberty at the end of the rites of passage. This song was used at various critical moments in his life, either to warn him of danger or to send him good fortune.

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