Marius Barbeau A glimpse of Canadian Culture (1883-1969)
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Graduates and professors, Oxford, 1910.
Graduates and professors, Oxford, 1910.
The three graduates in anthropology from Oxford in 1910 and their professors; From left to right, in the first row, professors Henry Balfour, Robert Ranulph Marett and Arthur Thompson, in the second row Wilson D. Wallis, Diamond Jenness and Marius Barbeau.
© Canadian Museum of Civilization, Marius Barbeau fonds, Oxford, 1910, negative no. J-5327.

"Rhodes Scholars Reunion 1953 Oxford"; Lapel pin of Marius Barbeau when he attended the meeting of former Rhodes scholars, held at Oxford in 1953, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Cecil Rhodes.
© Canadian Museum of Civilization, artifact no. 90-372, no. image S91-8763.

"Certificate for Examination in Anthropology"; Certificates signed by Henry Balfour and R.R. Marett, attesting that Marius Barbeau had passed his courses in " Prehistoric Archaeology " and in " Social Anthropology " at Oxford .
© Canadian Museum of Civilization, Archives, Electronic fonds, CDA-2004-2-03 & 04.
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