The Unconscious Goal
Photo: courtesy of Mac McDiarmid.

"The Unconscious Goal" or
"The Goal of the Century"
April 8, 1952

After being knocked unconscious in the first period and carried off the ice, a woozy Richard returns in the final minutes and tells Coach Irvin he can play. Irvin puts him in. Opposing goalie "Sugar" Jim Henry recalls: "The Rocket crossed the centre line in full flight, shifted past the left-winger checking him, crossed our blue line and skated towards the corner with [Bruin defenceman] Bill Quackenbush draped all over him. The Rocket used the tremendous strength of his arms to beat him and, being a left-handed shot and the great player he was, he cut in front of the net and put the puck past me to score the winning goal. I felt bad of course, because he had just eliminated us from the playoffs, but I had to congratulate The Rocket because it was one of the greatest goals I had ever seen and it was no shame being beat by such a player." ("Sugar" Jim Henry as told to Paul Patskou, 2003.)