The Rocket
Photo: courtesy of the Hockey Hall of Fame
The Piggyback Goal
(The Seibert Goal)
Audio - The Three-Star Game

One of The Rocket's most famous goals is referred to as The Piggyback Goal or The Seibert Goal. During a game in the 1945-46 season, Richard carried the puck over the Detroit blue line and was hit by defenceman Earl Seibert. Seibert weighed 225 pounds, and it was a hard hit so Richard went down. When he straightened up, he still had the puck - along with Seibert riding on his shoulders. Richard carried Seibert all the way to the net, faked the goalie out of position, and one-handed, hefted the puck into the far corner of the net. When Seibert got back to the bench, he was bawled out by his coach Jack Adams. Seibert replied, "Mr. Adams, I weigh over 200 pounds. Any guy who can carry me on his back from the blue line to the net deserves to score a goal!"