Richard's 50 / 50 trophy
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50 / 50 trophy
Photo: Stéphane Juteau

50/50 Goal Stick
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Stick used by The Rocket to score his 50/50 goal
Photo: Stéphane Juteau

50 / 50

In Boston, March 18, 1945, Richard becomes the first player to score 50 goals in 50 games (“50/50”). It will be almost another 40 years until another player (Mike Bossy)does the same.

45 on the Way to 50

The old record for most goals scored in a single season had been 44, set by Joe Malone (a former Canadien) in 1918. Malone is in the stands at the Forum when The Rocket breaks his record on February 25, 1944, scoring number 45 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs have done everything they can to prevent it. Their defensemen dog Richard, and goalie Frank McCool is extra sharp. All through the game, 14,000 fans rise to their feet every time The Rocket rushes the net, and sit down again disappointed. Then with four minutes to go, Toe Blake flips a pass to Richard in the Toronto zone. The Rocket one-times the puck the second it hits his stick and scores. It takes the fans about a second to realize what has happened, and then they erupt. The game doesn't get back underway for 15 minutes.