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Rural Hospitals

Saskatchewan and Alberta also pioneered union hospital districts in order to bring the benefits of modern medical and nursing care to their communities. Lloydminster, which straddles the border between the two provinces, was the site of a union hospital that provided care for local homesteaders at a rate of 1 cent per acre or $1.60 per year for a family living on a quarter section. This was the first of 30 union hospitals established in Saskatchewan by 1930. Alberta had 11 union hospitals, including the shared one in Lloydminster, in operation by 1922. These facilities were matched by Red Cross outpost hospitals in the remote sections of other provinces. Clearly, by the 1920s Canadians expected to be able to obtain modern medical, surgical and hospital services when they needed them.

Photo: Lloydminster Union Hospital, Saskatchewan Archives Board, S-B150

Lloydminster Union Hospital in Saskatchewan provided modern medical care to the local community that was financed through general revenues and personal taxes.
Saskatchewan Archives Board, S-B150

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