One year after the anti-inflation law was passed, workers staged a one-day walk-out to protest the measures. While participation in the walk-out was smaller than originally hoped, those who took part sent a very clear message to the federal government.

Day of Protest
This letter appeared in the Toronto Globe on October 15, 1976

"My salary has been controlled by government. My company cannot improve my lot by giving me more than a prescribed amount — which also must include the amount of the fringes — and they cannot reward me with anything new, despite my performance.

I would be willing to accept wage controls if price controls were included. But where are price controls? My cost of mailing a letter has gone up 25 per cent (that is of course, if the post office happens to be working). My cost of hydro is reported to be going up 25 per cent. My city taxes went up 13.1 per cent last year and by the time the Ontario government is through with its reform of property taxation it will probably be increased again....

These controls are blatantly unfair, and should be applicable to all of the people — or none at all.

Jim Herder, Toronto

Listen to how the town of Atikokan responded to the day of protest.

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