The Provincial Workmen's Association, like many other unions, provided workers with more than just grievance support. It contributed financial assistance in times of need, and it also offered its members an opportunity to maintain craft traditions and foster important relationships. Events like parades, hockey games and picnics created a sense of camaraderie and increased solidarity amongst these workers.
Reading of interview from 1889 Royal Commission.

Reading of interview from 1889 Royal Commission.

"The picnic held by the carpenters last Saturday in Dundurn Park, was in every sense of the word a success. Such outings do far more good than is generally supposed; they bring members of a craft together and make strangers into fast friends, and any person of common discernment can see the benefits of ... knowing each other. ... [W]e hope that tradesmen will never fail to have their annual outings in the summer season and social gatherings in the winter, as it all tends to make them more united and competent to fight the master (Capital), when occasion requires."

Palladium of Labor, August 15, 1885

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