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Un Pied à Terre Inn, 245 Papineau Street, 2004
© CMCC, photo: Harry Foster, no. D2005-00132

The Sanche House
245 Papineau Street

Built in 1890-1891, this house belonged to Wilfrid Sanche (1879-1941) who played a major role in the history of the theatre in Hull. From 1902 to 1940, he directed a large number of plays in which he also performed and which were much appreciated by his fellow citizens. Sanche had 11 children. His family and his descendants lived in this house from 1909 to 1988. One of his sons, Jean-Paul, followed in his footsteps. His son Guy (1934-1988) was the gifted actor who created the delightful character of Bobino, which he portrayed on television from 1957 to 1985.

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