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The Thémis Building
162-166 Wellington Street

Thémis Building

This building was constructed in 1914 by the contractor Joseph Bourque, who owned it until his death on December 23, 1918. He bequeathed the building to his daughters, Yvonne, Alexina, Albina, and to the children of another daughter, Georgine, who had predeceased him. None of them lived in this building, which was divided into five, and then four, apartments. The tenants did not generally stay there long, with the possible exception of Josaphat Couture, a jeweller, and Jean-Baptiste Denis, a carpenter, who were among the earliest tenants, and Tancrède Éthier, who had a five-year lease.

In 1944, Alexina Bourque sold the property to Wilfrid St-Cyr, who kept it until 1971. It was purchased by Charles Major, one of the partners in the law firm Major, Taché, Pharand and Dylan. They converted the apartments into offices. Although the property changed hands in 1989, and again in 1997, the building is still occupied by professionals.