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Fashion Hats, 1945-1965

After the war, hats became part of the New Look launched by Christian Dior. Headwear was either very small or very large, hairstyles were neat and close to the head and make-up included mascara-ringed eyes. But the hat was in decline by the late 1950s. Reduced to whimsy and novelty, it began to lose its outstanding place at the head of fashion.

By the 1960s, the hat represented attitudes to femininity that seemed outdated. The youth movement jettisoned hats along with gloves, stockings and brassières. As well, the hat required formal behaviour, which was fast disappearing. What was new and exciting was hair, teased into bouffants and beehives, and professional hairdressers took over from milliners as the creators of head dress.

Woman's feather hat

Woman's bandeau hat

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