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Golf Goes to War

Surprisingly, during the First World War there was another boom in golf in Canada. Golf tournaments raised substantial amounts in support of the war effort. Politicians encouraged Canadians to get plenty of exercise and themselves set an example by playing golf. Many Canadian soldiers were exposed to golf for the first time while training in England.

Fundraising Poster - CWM 56-05-11-095 - CD3158-2011-1152-091
Figure 23: Fundraising poster, "Play The Game: Buy War Savings Stamps and Certificates". Note the golfers in the upper left corner (See the detail to the right). © Canadian War Museum 56-05-11-095

Hardwood Ball - 994.9.33 - CD97-385-085
Figure 24: This hand-carved hardwood ball was made and used by British soldiers in North Africa during the First World War, as standard golf equipment was not available. Local rules probably allowed the golfer to turn the ball, so that it could be hit at the poles to avoid splitting the wooden ball.
CMC 994.9.33

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