Canadian Original Doll Artists
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The concept of using dolls as an artistic medium is new in Canada. Few people consider a doll a work of art. Canadian doll artists are winning prizes and recognition in other countries. Their work expresses our culture, sense of humour, creativity and imagination.

What do we mean by an original artist doll? It is a doll conceived in the mind of an artist, who designs the patterns and makes the entire doll. Original dolls can be made from almost any material - porcelain, wood, cloth or polyform clays, for example - and portray every conceivable emotion. Many artists use fantasy and imagination to take the viewer beyond reality.

"Doll artistry has reached a pinnacle, and has added immeasurably to the joy of the Canadian doll ... Dozens of Canadian doll artists are creating the works of art that will become tomorrow's cherished masterpieces. Today's doll collectors live in a wonderful age."

Heather Maciak, Calgary, Alberta

Decoration   Decoration

William Lyon Mackenzie and John Strachan

Artist: Sheila Rose
Bracebridge, Ontario
Stoneware heads; wool, linen and leather clothing
Courtesy of the artist

Mackenzie, the red-headed rebel, is depicted giving an impassioned speech from a vegetable wagon in Toronto in 1834. John Strachan, his conservative rival, represents the city's establishment and remains aloof.

L2530.001 - Photo: H. Foster
L2505.01 - Photo: H. Foster The Hopeless Romantic

Artist: Maria Saracino
Nepean, Ontario
Sculpted in Creall-Therm, one-of-a-kind
Courtesy of the artist


Emily Beth and Elizabeth Anne

Artist: Heather Maciak, member NIADA
Calgary, Alberta
All porcelain
Courtesy of the artist


L2482.001 - Photo: S. Darby
L2455.064 - Photo: Conservation Elizabeth Manley

Artist: Jeanne Venton
Victoria, British Columbia
All porcelain
Costumed by Georgee Prockiw,
Edmonton, Alberta
Courtesy of E. Strahlendorf,
Hamilton, Ontario

Elizabeth Manley won a silver medal in figure skating at the Calgary Olympics in 1988.

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