The Museum's updated Montreal Canoe exhibit in the main entrance foyer. This display was opened in November 1997 with the financial support of the Hudson's Bay Company. Still to be completed is a final design for the water.

Canadian Museum of Civilization (K98-28)

Canadian Museum of Civilization (K98-30)

Top view of the Montreal Canoe on exhibit featuring the cargo, crew, and passengers. The spiral and floral patterns, or "good signs," painted on the bow were traditional elements of Ojibway markings. The flag on the stern is a nineteenth-century Hudson's Bay Company standard red ensign.

Detail of garments worn by voyageur paddlers and the Simpsons in 1830. The Hudson's Bay Company Governor is wearing a wool frock coat and a low beaver top hat. Frances Simpson is dressed in a maroon wool cloak and a silk bonnet with a net covering. Such clothing was sufficiently fashionable for persons of high status yet still practical for travelling long distances by canoe.

Canadian Museum of Civilization (K98-32)