Drowning of Pipsuk

"Pausannas woman came running down to our camp and told us that Pipsuk had capsized in his kayak looking at one of our gill nets on the point across from the capt house. Her husband had gone out in his own kayak trying to rescue him. Mrs. Jennie Thompson told me about it as I was on the fore castle head working I looked over and saw Pausannas at the point hauling Pipsuks kayak ashore the capt just came out and I notified him he started over there. I took the men ashore we pulled the dory across the spit and went down there. When we arrived there Pausanna told us that Pipsuk had gone down but were, he did not know we took the net which was out and by all appearances he was trying to look at when his kayak capsized. how of course we do not know.

We took of shore end in the boat and made a small sweep to the Westward hauling it in and not finding him we went over and brought the big sane [seine], we made made one sweep with it and brought him ashore. he had taken his shirt of while in the water. Pausanna picked it up. Pipsuk when we brought him ashore we layed him across the kayak and tryed to pump him out but of no use the blood vessels in his eyes has burst and the blood was running out of his eyes after pumping about 5 min and no sign of any live in him we took him across and layed him in his tent.

The man had been under the water for nearly 1 hour before we brought him out and of course being unable to swim he drownded within 25 yards from the beach in about 6 feet of water. After supper the carpenter and watchman (Rasmussen) made a coffin for him....

July 23rd. This morning Anderson Split and I went over to the point South of headquarters and dug a grave for Pipsuks body.… After supper we took the dory across the spit and took Pipsuks body to the grave. The capt read the service" (Castel Diary, July 22 and 23, 1918).

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