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Clara Elizabeth Galbreaith


The artist's surname is often spelled without the "e" in reports and records, and even in biographical reference sources.

Clara Galbreaith was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1864. The daughter of David Bloomfield Galbreaith and Mary Ann Gage Birely, she was educated at the Wesleyan Ladies College in Hamilton, and was instructed in art by her mother, who was an amateur painter.

Clara Galbreaith painted ceramics, and in oils and water-colours. Her work was exhibited through the Ontario Society of Artists (approximately 1899-1900), and extensively at WAAC exhibitions.

She was the first Vice-President of the Art Students' League of Hamilton, which was established in 1895 to enable members to pursue drawing from life. The President was J.R. Seavey, an artist and instructor of art at the Hamilton Normal School; exhibitions were held twice a year.

Clara Galbreaith was also President of the Hamilton branch of the WAAC. Her sister-in-law, Margaret Elizabeth Galbreaith, was one of the founders of the branch and Honorary President for several years; she left funds for construction of the Hamilton Art Gallery and for art work for its collections.

Clara Galbreaith died in 1941.

Clara Galbreaith painted 12 soup plates for the dinner service.

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