Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall
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Activities for Grades 9-10 Quebec:  Secondary 3 and 4
Seeing Stars
Making an Impact
Being Canadian

Activity: Seeing Stars

Teacher Notes

Students decide on inductees into a Canadian Hall of Fame,
using varied criteria.


  • Two 45-minute periods
  • Time for library research or homework
  • Internet access
  • Student copies of Sheet 5: Great Canadians


Photocopy the student sheet for this activity (Sheet 5: Great Canadians) and have it ready for distribution.

Explain the scenario to students: What makes a "great" Canadian? What are some of the problems related to defining a great Canadian? Ask if students have visited any type of hall of fame. Ask them about the rules for inclusion or exclusion. Explain that the students will vote on inductees for Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. They can select five names from the list on Sheet 5: Great Canadians.

Distribute Sheet 5: Great Canadians and have students read it over and make their selections.

Collect the forms, and have two students tabulate the results. While students do this, assign individuals from Sheet 5: Great Canadians to your students.

Discuss the voting:

  • Which names were chosen?
  • Why do students think these were the "winners"?
  • How great a role does name recognition play (e.g., if you are famous, does that mean you are "great")?
  • Who seems to be missing from this list?
  • What names would students add?

Using the library and the Canadian Museum of Civilization's Web site, have students research their assigned personality and answer the question: "Should this person be in a Canadian Hall of Fame?" Students should present their arguments for and against, including the person's impact on individuals, society, and history. Students should be prepared to make a short (2-3 minute) presentation on the person assigned to them.

After the class has made its presentations, have students brainstorm about the criteria for inclusion in the Canadian Museum of Civilization's Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall.

Selecting Canadians for Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall


  • The individual had to have been dead for at least five years so that his/her lasting impact could be more accurately assessed.
  • The individual had to have made a significant and lasting contribution to Canada or Canadians.
  • There had to be artifacts relating to them.
  • There had to be a critical mass of documented information
    about them.

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