Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall
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Explore the people in Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall celebrates the impacts and achievements of Canadians, both familiar and less well-known. In selecting these individuals, Museum staff identified several types of achievement, which ultimately became the five themes of this exhibition. Because there are so many Canadians worthy of mention, the Museum is planning to introduce new personalities over time.

Here are the first Canadians to be included in the exhibition. Do you recognize any of the names?

Group 1: We Governed

  • John A. Macdonald
  • Tommy Douglas
  • Joey Smallwood
  • Pierre E. Trudeau
  • Jeanne Sauvé
  • ____________

Group 2: We Built

  • Jules R. Timmins
  • Samuel de Champlain
  • David Thompson
  • Francis Rattenbury
  • James B. Harkin
  • _______________

Group 3: We Fought

  • Louis-Joseph de Montcalm and James Wolfe
  • Joseph and Mary Brant
  • Thomas D'Arcy McGee
  • Pierre Bourgault
  • Nellie McClung
  • ______________

Group 4: We Founded

  • Timothy Eaton
  • Alphonse Desjardins
  • Adelaide Hunter Hoodless
  • Brother André
  • Lotta Hitschmanova
  • ___________________

Group 5: We Inspired

  • Arthur Lismer
  • Peter Pitseolak
  • "Jackrabbit" Johannsen
  • Gabrielle Roy
  • Mordecai Richler
  • ________________

In order to be included in Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall, the person had to:

  • be Canadian, or have made a significant contribution to Canada;
  • have been dead for more than five years (so that the lasting impact of the individual could be more accurately assessed), and
  • fit into one of the categories ("we built", "we inspired", etc.).

Browse the personalities section and find out more about some of the names you don't recognize.

Assignment: Add one more name to each group. For this exercise, make sure that the person you suggest is Canadian, and that he or she has been dead for at least five years.

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