Doukhobors - Spirit Wrestlers

The Recent Experience

The 1960's
Many Doukhobors begin to work with others to promote disarmament, peace and non-violence.

The 1970's

In keeping with the country's multicultural incentives, Doukhobors organize events and activities to help maintain their heritage, and encourage others to learn about and appreciate Doukhobor culture and values.

The 1980's

Doukhobor museums in Saskatchewan and British Columbia unveil statues of Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) as a tribute to the Russian Writer who helped them emigrate to Canada in 1899.
The 1990's
Doukhobors mark the centenaries of the "burning of arms" in Russia (1895) and the arrival of Canada's first Doukhobor settlers in Canada (1899), and celebrate the beginning of their second century in this country.