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Stamp Parts Oops, stamp mistakes!

Although a damaged stamp loses much of its value, a stamp with an error in its design or printing often gains in value, depending on how rare the error is.

Three Skilling Yellow Banco, Sweden

  • Three Skilling Yellow Banco
    This is the most expensive stamp in the world. Issued by Sweden in 1855, the stamp is yellow-orange instead of green. It was first discovered in 1885 by a 14-year-old boy as he was going through his grandmotherís correspondence.
    In 1990 it sold for US $1,375,140.
  • Stamp from Canada

    Issued on June 26, 1959, to mark the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, the picture on this stamp is upside down. This is known as an inverted centre. Stamp from Canada

    * © Canada Post. 1959.
       Reproduced with permission.

  • Stamp from Canada Issued on July 6, 1978, this stamp, which depicts a Prairie street scene, Stamp from Canada is known as the "ghost town" variety because the scene looks so empty. Notice that all the brown inscriptions are missing. Such extreme errors are called freaks.

    * © Canada Post. 1978.
       Reproduced with permission.

  • Issued on June 1, 1976, the image on this Royal Military College stamp was doubly printed owing to a slight shift in the paper during the printing process.

    Stamp from Canada

    * © Canada Post. 1976.
       Reproduced with permission.

  • Issued on November 3, 1982, this Christmas stamp has a crease because it was printed on slightly folded or crumpled paper.

    Stamp from Canada

    * © Canada Post. 1982.
       Reproduced with permission.

  • Issued on August 15, 1984, this Glacier National Park stamp has a perforated image. Stamps with perforation errors can also have no perforations or only partial perforations.

    Stamp from Canada

    * © Canada Post. 1984.
       Reproduced with permission.

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Oops, stamp mistakes!
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