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Stamp collecting

Did you know that more people collect stamps than any other object?

Become a stamp collector and you will make new friends, explore Canada, and travel the world.

Stamp from Netherlands Stamp collectors are sometimes called philatelists, which means "one who loves letters bearing stamps". The stamps on these letters all celebrate philately, or stamp collecting, a hobby enjoyed by people all over the world.

Steps of collecting

All collectors follow four basic steps.

  1. Hunt: Ask family and friends if they have any Hunt stamps to give you. Explore attics and basements, attend garage sales, check classified ads in search of stamps.

  2. Accumulate: Gather your stamps together and store them in shoeboxes, trunks, or closets.


  3. Study: Read a book, Study join a collectors’ club, or speak to an expert to learn more about your collection.

  4. Display: Choose the best stamps from your collection and display them.


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