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Presorted unit of all different stamps. One of the most common and economical ways to begin a collection.

Full "sheet" of stamps as sold by a post office.

Parcel post stamp
Specially issued for use on parcels sent through the mail.

Holes punched between stamps so they can be torn apart.

Any stamp bearing a picture. Most contemporary stamps are pictorials. Canada was the first country ever to issue a stamp depicting an animal - the Three Penny Beaver in 1851.

Postage-due stamp
Affixed to a letter or package without a stamp or with insufficient stamps to show the amount due.

Dockwra Mark Mark put over the stamp by the post office to show that it has been used.

Propaganda forgery
Stamp forged during wartime, not for postal use, but as propaganda.

Propaganda stamp
Stamp used to convey a particular message or idea.

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