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Robichaud Family (Family 5)

It is September 1948. You are the Robichaud family. You live in a small house near the small village of Cap-Lumière, situated half way between Moncton and Miramichi along the Acadian coastline in New Brunswick. Your family consists of a mother, father, and three children at home. You travel to Moncton by car, about 50 km away, to pick up your catalogue order. You have about $60 to spend on this order.

Marie Louise (Mother)


My name is Marie Louise Robichaud. I am 36 years old.

I used to work in a fish processing plant before I was married and am glad I don't work those long hours now. Now I am busy with the kids and running the household, but now and then I pitch in and help out on the boat.

I would like to have a camera to capture the spirit of our fishing culture and I need a new washboard because my old one is wearing out. We are thinking of getting a new dining room set, but I'm not sure if we will have enough money this fall.

Go to these catalogue pages and choose a few things to order:

  • Camera (Page 375)
  • Washboard (Page 541)
  • Dining room set (Page 435)

Felix Joseph (Father)


My name is Felix Joseph Robichaud. I am 37 years old and like my father before me I am primarily a lobster fisherman, but I also fish for herring and mackerel.

I have a 40-foot boat and my 12-year-old son helps out occasionally. I work only a few months of the year depending on how long it takes me to catch my allowable quota. I love the smell of the ocean and this is good work that pays well.

I would like a warm sweater, long johns, and a new work shirt.

Go to these catalogue pages and choose a few things to order:

  • Sweater (Page 269)
  • Long johns (Page 278)
  • Work shirt (Page 271)

Regis (Child 1)


My name is Regis. I am 13 years old and I want to be a fisherman too, just like my dad.

I am in grade 8, but sometimes I am allowed to go on the boat with my dad and help fish for lobster.

I also help repair traps and once a couple of years ago helped paint our boat, Fruits de Mer, red and black.

I would like an electric motor kit or Meccano set for Christmas, and my mother says I need new mittens.

Here are my favourite catalogue pages:

  • Electric motor kit (Page 514)
  • Meccano set (Page 515)
  • Mittens (Page 112)

Lina (Child 2)


My name is Lina and I am 10 years old.

I am in grade 5 and I love to read and walk along the shoreline.

My mother is always telling me to stop reading and come help her with chores around the house and I always set the table for supper.

I would like to have some books and a new pair of pretty red shoes I saw in the catalogue. A new winter coat would be nice too.

Here are my favourite catalogue pages:

  • Books (Page 378)
  • Shoes (Page 225)
  • Winter coat (Page 172)

Romeo (Child 3)


My name is Romeo and I am 8 years old.

I am looking forward to the day when I can go with my dad and Regis on the boat and do some lobster fishing. Once I went on the boat with my mom but they didn't let me do anything.

Most of my spare time is spent at home.

I'd like a wagon, a toy tool set, and some toys, like an electric train, to play with.

Here are my favourite catalogue pages:

  • Wagon (Page 516)
  • Toy tool set (Page 515)
  • Electric train (Page 513)


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