Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls

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Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls
A Lecture Series

During the four month-long presentation of Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, a lecture series was offered which allowed museum visitors to further their understanding of the scholarly research which has taken place around these ancient documents and which continues to expand our knowledge and appreciation of these ancient times.

Crowds waiting for tickets to a Dead Sea Scroll lecture

Over the course of eight consecutive weeks, every Thursday evening of the months of February and March, 2004, the theatre of the Canadian Museum of Civilization was filled to capacity twice, allowing 1,000 people to listen to these one hour long presentations that provided, in addition to fascinating insights into the scrolls and biblical times, a unique Canadian angle on the stories being told.

In several instances, the speakers were Canadians involved in the study of ancient biblical times. In others, they were scholars from Canadian institutions carrying out exciting research on these ancient documents.

The series was an overwhelming success; a good measure of which being the hundreds of people who could not be accommodated on any given lecture night. While we certainly regretted turning people away, we did take steps to ensure the audio recording of the simultaneously-translated lectures. Seven of the eight conferences are now presented here through the internet.

You may listen to the following lectures:

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