Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls

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Installing the objects

A heavy artifact like the Tel Dan stele required a special mount and a very solid base.

The heavy mozaics required all the help we could find.

The pages to open the bible to are carefully chosen by Cheryl Jaffee of the National Library of Canada.

Cheryl Jaffee shares her pride in this 1479 bible.

Placing a large jug on its platform.

The 1779 Sepher Torah, a Canadian Treasure, is carefully lifted into place.

Much discussion takes place around the placement of each and every object.

Participating in the installation is a unique opportunity to observe, up close, details on these priceless treasures.

We all had a sense of participating in history as we built this unique exhibtion.

Out of many opinions, one final layout!

Magnifying lenses were used for particularly small items like this clay seal or bula.

The plexiglass covers must be carefully cleaned before being put in place.

The last and most dangerous step involves lifting the cover over the objects and putting it in place.