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Self-definition depends on oneself, but affirmation depends on others.

— Philosophical concept


Photo: Y. Moreau The appearance of world music in our environment reflects the society in which we live. In our multicultural society, it seems essential for us to be familiar with the music of others in order to understand our own musical identity, "because the need for identity, which is the need to distinguish oneself, exists only with respect to others".
(Philippe Laburthe-Tolra, translation)

Each society has its own music, but no two are the same. Therein lies the question of identity. There is a correlation between music and everything else; all music is a vehicle for the cultural identity of the group in which it originates. Certain types of music represent a nation or an ethnic group; they serve as emblems and can be perceived as stereotypes associated with the community from which they emerged.

Through their style of play, sports teams reflect certain characteristics of the community they represent. People support a particular team because they identify with it and recognize themselves in the image it projects. "A team often seems like the ideal reflection of the population whose standard it bears" (Christian Bromberger, translation).