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Music and Theatricality

Béchonnet musette
Made by
Joseph Béchonnet
Lent by the Musée des musiques populaires, Montluçon

  Musette « Béchonnet » - MMPM no 993.1.33, 993.1.24 / Photo: Musée des musiques populaires de Montluçon


These bagpipes, made by Joseph Béchonnet (1820—1900) of Effiat, have been meticulously crafted with remarkable skill. One of the characteristics of Béchonnet's bagpipes is a miniscule drone inserted into the back of the stock, giving it a rounded shape. These have bellows, which Béchonnet introduced to replace the blowpipe, a large drone, and a stock containing a chanter with a parallel drone and a high-pitched drone at the back. A new cover has recently been added to the leather bag. The instrument is made of ebony and the wood of a fruit tree painted black, and has ivory and bone rings. The chanter is signed as follows: Béchonnet. A. Effiat. Puy-de Dôme. The bellows: Béchonnet. A. Effiat. Puy-de-Dôme. 1880.