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I speak through the harp. I am a musician.

— Éric de Dampierre,
Poètes nzakara,
(Paris: Julliard, Classiques africains, 1963),
p. 129, translation.


Music conveys a wealth of information on a society. In a way, it signals the existence of the society. In this sense, it is like other human phenomena, such as sport, which reveal how a society represents itself.

Music is first and foremost an individual experience, as we challenge ourselves to master the voice or an instrument, and experience the pleasure of expressing feelings and emotions.

  Daniel Denécheau et le Jâse Musette / Photo: Carmelle Bégin

It is the satisfaction we feel when we listen to certain pieces, as a result of our affinity for certain musical genres and styles.

Music and sports competitions both provide insight into the importance attached to equal merit in our society. Devoid of political significance, they are ways of promoting the value of equality, since anyone can enter a competition and distinguish himself or herself.