Nadlok and the Origin of the Copper Inuit

Beehive-shaped huts

Beehive-shaped huts are suggested after two attempts at reconstruction. The first season saw vertical walls of intertwined antler which was unstable. A year later, we tapered the ring towards the top, leaving an opening of 1.5 m which could be covered with caribou skins. Such was its strength that a 200 lb. individual could safely chin himself on the doorway arch. A 10-year record of the beehive-shaped hut made from reports of visiting canoeists indicated the unmaintained structure fell inwards after 1-2 years, creating an antler ring on the flagstone floor.

Some more pictures of beehive-shaped huts can be found on the Comparisons page.

Figure 1
A beehive-shaped hut reconstruction.

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