Specimen 6 - S2000-5688 - CD2000-159-020
Exhibit Specimen 6
(SIL-184, sherds M21,22,28,98,133,138)

This is a miniature version of a ceramic container used by the Kame Hills Complex. It is virtually identical to larger specimens, one of which is found elsewhere in this exhibit (Exhibit Specimen 8). This small pot or cup was found in 1974 at site HfLp-11 on Southern Indian Lake in Northern Manitoba by a Churchill Diversion Archaeological Project crew lead by Michael Kelly. Its distinctive features include an encircling ring of exterior punctates which raise interior bosses, located just below an everted lip. The body of the pot is textured with cord or textile impressions. The Kame Hills Complex is an archaeological culture dated to between 250 and 1100 years ago and believed to be ancestral to the Cree people who inhabit the region today.

This artifact was kindly made available for this exhibit by the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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