Specimen 12 - S2000-5683 - CD2000-159-015
Exhibit Specimen 12
(CMCC ClIf-1:597)

This specimen was found in 1961 by J.V. Wright at the Michipicoten site (ClIf-1), located at the mouth of the Michipicoten River near Wawa, Ontario. The level in which this pot rested was radiocarbon dated to A.D.1100. The overall shape of the pot (i.e. somewhat oblong), as well as the decorations along the poorly-defined rim indicate that this is not a local style. Rather, it is likely that this pot was brought to the site ultimately from somewhere in Wisconsin or Michigan.

Like most ceramics of the late pre-contact period, fabric impressions are quite prominent over the entire body of the pot. In fact, it was with great pleasure that upon restoration of the pot for this exhibit, details of the surface decoration were revealed which had unfortunately been covered over with plaster (some of which is still visible) from an earlier attempt to add a base to the specimen.

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