This project required the collaboration of many individuals and I wish to recognize the valuable contributions of the following:

Michel Paquette, for the design of the real life exhibit presently in the First People's Hall at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Diane Bridges,for the overall coordination of the project and for being willing to go ahead with expensive conservation of some of the pots

Ian Dyck, for the coordination of the First People's Hall Mall exhibits

Brian Arthur, for the conservation of pots 14 and 22 as well as the photographs which illustrate this work

Caroline Marchand, for the conservation, reinforcing and cleaning of most of the other CMC pots

Steve Darby, for the photographs of the pots in the First People's Hall Mall exhibit case

David Keenlyside,for providing the Savage Island container (22) and the accompanying text

Andrew Hinshelwoodand Paddy Reidof the Ontario Ministry of Culture, Citizenship and Recreation for the loan of pots 9 and 10

Leigh Syms and the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature for the loan of pots 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Roger Marois, for the translation of the individual pot texts as well as the editing of the conservation texts

Christian Bérubé, for the translation and editing of the exhibit texts

Gord Hill, for the picture of Grant Goltz making a pot inside a skin bag

Hal Riegger, for use of paddle and anvil pottery making images from his book "Primitive Pottery" (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1972:41,43)

Handbook of South American Indians, Vol.1,for the images of coiled pottery making (Smithsonian Institution, 1946)

André Michel,for the image used as the background to the main page (the same as used on this page), as well as the images used to show the making of the exhibit background

Thomas Pilon, for the idea of including a small locator map with each pot description