Dugout Canoes Wave Eaters

Pacific Coast Dugouts -- "West Coast" Style

West Coast-style dugout canoes were most commonly used on Vancouver Island. The graceful bow of this canoe, carved to suggest the head of an animal, sweeps upwards in a gentle curve from the bottom of the flattened hull to the prow. The stern is nearly vertical and is capped with a small, elevated platform. West Coast-style canoes are well designed for travel on the open sea.

West Coast-style dugout canoe
Duncan, British Columbia, 1929
West Coast-style dugout canoe
Possibly from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, ca. 1900
Dugout canoe, recently made, with rudimentary stem and stern forms
suggestive of traditional West Coast styles

Main builder: John Wallace
Cultus Lake, British Columbia, 1969

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