IN MEMORIAM: Bill Reid (1920-1998)

Farewell to a Friend
A photo-essay on the funeral of Bill Reid

by George and Joanne MacDonald

The following morning the coffin, with the mortuary box inside, was carried through the village, past Bill's pole in front of the Band Council office, which stands on the site of the house of chief Giatlins (John Robson), where Bill's "great uncle Charlie" (Charles Edenshaw) was raised.
The procession continued down to the beach, where awaited by the chiefs of Skidegate, a crowd of villagers and Bill's friends from the mainland, and a flotilla of boats.
The coffin was loaded onto Bill's canoe, Lootaas, and tied securely to its thwarts with cedar bark rope.
Then, as Terry Lynn Williams sang a song of tribute and farewell on behalf of the village,
Lootaas, bearing the coffin with Bill's wife Martine beside it, and accompanied by other boats in escort, set off for Tanu.

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